Friday, January 20, 2012

First Time, First Post

Ok, So I am completely new to this and I'm certain that I will do a lot of things wrong.  But, it's something new and cool that I want to try.  I am calling this Uncluttered living, not because I have the answers to living uncluttered, just the opposite.  I figure if I keep track of my journey out of the clutter of my life, I will learn how to better manage it.

I've recently discovered some wonderful blogs that are dedicated to organization. When I figure out how to insert their urls, I will post them and give them full credit for helping me out of this mess. For one, I found A bowl full of lemons and her 21 day challenge from last year.  I have been doing this challenge and driving my husband crazy, since things are either being thrown away or moved elsewhere.  I will post pictures on Monday of my clutter and what I've done so far to clean it up.

Welcome, and please enjoy my journey. Have a Blessed weekend.